Friday, 4 September 2009

day 4, rescue beauty lounge scrangie

okay! another day another colour! today i am wearing 'scranige' by the amazing rescue beauty lounge. this is one of the top end polish brands coming in at $18/bottle. but SO worth it. the scrangie colour is part of a trio of polishes that were designed (with teh rbl ceo) by some of the biggest names in polish blogs. scrangie is definitely one of them! ( i read her blog every day and it is my go to place to check out polishes and see what they look like on the hand. i can only hope that at some point in this experiment i can paint my nails as beautifully as she can!

she wanted her colour to reflect the wing of a beetle. not in a gross way but more the way insect wings are often clear but not clear and they reflect light in these beautifully prismatic ways. so this is a light purpley esque base filled with green and purple microglitter (which is basically....very VERY fine glitter and doesn't annoy you to death to remove). this polish was definitely worth every penny (not that i've EVER been let down bya RBL polish - they are all beautiful and fantastic). it is a limited edition thing so it won't be around for very long so if you like it i suggest buying one of your own since i'm not sharing!!!

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