Saturday, 23 January 2010

day one hundred and forty one, illamasqua triumph

let's continue my love affair with illamasqua!!! this is one of the new ones i picked up (i actually have already shown you the ones i owned before i bought this i don't know i felt the need to clarify...but...yeah). triumph is an amazing dark red that isn't a vamp. so it is awesome in my book. i love reds that are almost vamps but never go that far so it's obviously still a red and never an 'almost' black, just true red. it's a gorgeous colour, more of a blue orange tones. just dark, brick-like and stunning!

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Blogger gildedangel said...

That is a lovely red!

23 January 2010 at 17:10  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Illamasqua <3

23 January 2010 at 17:37  

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