Thursday, 3 September 2009

day 3, nubar gold feathers

okay so i am trying to be a good little blogger and showcase variety! so today i picked a different brand and a totally different shade (but ofc my polish is red/purple/blue/taupe heavy so they'll obviously outweigh the other shades). nubar is another great polish brand. i tend to buy all my polishes having seen a swatch somewhere first but i bought gold feathers on a whim because it sounded pretty on the nubar website ( it's a very soft me it's more of a yello/orangey gold. it does lean on the orange side but it's very subtle and it shimmers very beautifully in the sunlight (the sun was out in full force about 3 minutes ago so i snapped a bunch of shots!). any neutral or soft coloured shade gets called 'interview colours' in my book. since i'm jobless i go on 1-2 job interviews per week and i always want to be polished from my head to my toes so i make sure to do my nails in a soft colour that will add to my polished style (can't have grubby fingernails and all that!)

so this colour is a beautiful orangey gold with a bit of a green flash which makes me think of halloween. the only thing i don't like about this polish is how sheer it is. i like my polishes to be completely opaque on my nail and these pictures are about 5 or 6 coats and you can still see a hint of my natural fingernail underneath. my fingernails are dirt magnets so i want a colour that will hide the dirt that is constantly living under my fingernails (i swear. i get out of the shower, sit at a table and do nothing and somehow dirt gets under my fingernails!). i do really like it though. i think it would be beautiful over a french manicure with just 1 thin coat. it would add beautiful shimmer and green/gold flash that will make the plain french manicure more exciting and beautiful!

okay. enough rambling, onto the pictures! (fyi - all these pictures are done using nubar foundation base coat and diamont top coat)

the first 2 photos are outside but out of direct sunlight, the 2nd two are in direct sunlight:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh Sara, that is really pretty! I see the Halloween in it too. For a really good gold similar to this, the Chanel Gold that came out last fall is perfection. It's not sheer at all, I love it!

4 September 2009 at 19:49  

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