Monday, 7 September 2009

day 7, illamasqua strike

continuing on the new brand each day theme (although i will admit that i am going to run out soon [of brands that is...definitely NOT colours!!!]) today we have the amazingly fabulous Illamasqua. illamasqua are a new to me brand (i don't actually know how old the company is because it isn't stated on their website but i heard about them late last year) but i love them the most because they are a UK BRAND! FINALLY A NAIL POLISH BRAND EXCLUSIVE TO THE UK! you don't understand how happy that makes me, all the big polish brands (opi, china glaze, misa, essie...etc) are all american based. actually the number of well respected nail brands from the UK is extremely low!

okay. so now that you know that i LOVE illamasqua here is the first colour i will show you (they cost £11/bottle) called 'strike'. it's this fantastic metallic blue and it's a bright kind of...egg blue i guess (you might have already noticed how ATROCIOUS i am with colour descriptions!) and it applies fabulously. one of the illamasqua signatures is their square bottle and the illamasqua symbol on the top of each bottle.

really the pictures speak for themselves (and yay i bought a digi cam and it will arrive shortly so i can show proper pictures!!!):

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