Saturday, 5 September 2009

day 5, obsessive compulsive cosmetics dangerous

yay another day and another brand!

today is obsessive compulsive cosmetics (OCC) and one of their colours that is a dark grey called 'dangerous'. again the sunlight hates me and refused to appear so i got the best shots i could but they make it look more green and blue than it really is. OCC are known for technical...kinda makeup (okay i suck at this part!) they do a lot of airbrushing makeup for fashion shoots and stuff. so they make super pigmented stuff like lip gloss and nail polish! they have a quite a range of colours, i've only got about 5 of the lot. dangerous is a 'flat' creme. meaning there's no depth or shimmer or inner glow. you will see that some polishes just seem to be illuminated from the inside out. this is just a single flat colour. but it's still very pretty! it's kind of like the colour of wet concrete, deep dark grey - but it doesn't appeark black in any light!

so here we go! these are very reasonably priced at only $8/bottle!

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