Saturday, 5 September 2009

day six, nfu.oh 51

okay. today is a more exclusive brand called nfu.oh and they are only available in asia (i believe china). i bought my two nfu.oh colours off a lovely ebay seller (whose name i can't recall! but just search for nfu.oh if you want to buy any and she'll ship to you). unfortunately here is where having only a blackberry instead of a proper digital camera is going to shoot me in the foot. nfu.oh are known for their acrylic nail art (which i personally's like 3D artwork on your fingernails but it just creeps me out! and the artwork tends to be like...a muffin or a cookie or something but it's just weird) but they also have amazing prismatic polishes and FLAKES! nfu.oh were the first brand i was ever introduced to that does flake style polishes. it's like glitter but so much more interesting. it is little flakes of this...matieral (odn't know what it is) but it reflects all these different colours and isn't like a glitter at all. it also removes 10000x nicer than glitter! nfu.oh 51 is a dark red based polish (kind of like a magenta purple) with tons of flakes and the flakes reflect green, orange, name it.

i tried to take a picture of the bottle in sunlight (since i couldn't capture the flakes on my nails) but i still didn't succeed. out of wanting to keep my blog using only my photos i will say that you can find WAY BETTER pictures on scrangie because she has a real camera! someday i'll get another one. esp now that i'm doing this and have motivation it'll be sooner rather than later. it IS almost my birthday afterall!!!

it's important to note that another awesome thing about nfu.oh polishes is the bottle. it's a woman in a corset and flouncy skirt. the handle is the woman's corset and the bottle is her skirt! just another detail that makes me love this polish. i do have a lit of about 8 or 9 more that i want to acquire eventually!

okay. so here we go, nfu.oh 51:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sara, this is simmmchen from tPF :) Just wanted to let you know I'm reading your blog and this is my favorite polish so far (although I really liked all of them!) Good luck with your a-polish-a-day mission :tup: <-- haha, I always miss my tPF smileys on other websites!

8 September 2009 at 13:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing, you are the first who write someting useful about nfu oh (I mean good remooving) :)
Thank you!
Would you please to tell me something about brush?
Is it flexible enough?
Is it normal, thin or thik?
And are fibres of the brush polished good?

12 September 2009 at 03:16  
Blogger SEH said...

thanks simm!!!

plein i think that the brush is perfect. it is the right size and manages to catch the flakes and spread them evenly across your nail

22 September 2009 at 20:46  

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