Saturday, 21 November 2009

day seventy nine, nailene so real flex fit french (medium length)

okay. so the lovely people at nailene sent me some fake nails and stuff to review for my blog. which is awesome...i love freebies! this set is the 'natural' or 'so real''s a french (obviously) and it's supposed to be very thin and more real because it has little half moons for the bottom of your nails. i used to have really pronounced half moons when i was a kid..but the older i got the more they faded. i think they're only visible on my thumbs...i honestly don't know. i'll have to check!!

my HUGE gripe with these nails is that they only come with glue and no stickers. the stickers are adhesive and allow for more temporary wear. i didn't actually glue these on my fingers, i just rested them on so they might look a little weird. they sent me another pack that i am probably going to actually glue on. i WISH they had sticker adhesives since i always have bad luck with the glue and getting them off is a total pain.

my other gripe is that i have really short nail beds. i mean...REALLY short. the medium length nails tower above the end of my natural nail and then some. they're probably longer than the longest i've ever had my nails. so it kinda bothers me. i havne't tried the short length so i don't know. but the standard length for most fake nails is medium and it is always too big for my fingers.

so...these are nice..professional. i always find it hard to use my hands with fake nails and i find myself gripping things awkwardly but these are nice. a great way to get an easy french without the effort.

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