Tuesday, 17 November 2009

day seventy six, sparitual can you digg it?

so here is a new one by the brand sparitual. and not that it's actually new but more like...new to me. i've seen a lot of swatches of sparitual polishes but i've never actually OWNED any myself! so i went to their website and picked out 4 (? i think it was four) polishes and they recently arrived!

this one is called 'can you digg it?' and it's a beautiful brown/gold colour. definitely one of the most brown polishes i've ever owned (and you all know i'm new to brown as a nail colour that i like) and it's beautiful. very antique-y and pretty. good application, nice pigmentation...i was really pleased. the selection on the UK portion of the sparitual website didn't have a ton of polishes which is why i only picked up the 4 but i am really happy with this one. it has some gold tones and a bit of a mild shimmer that i couldn't really capture but it just adds warmth and dimension to the colour so it isn't flat or boring! i hope you like it as much as i do!!

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