Friday, 12 March 2010

day one hundred and ninety three, opi ginger bells!

giveaway winners! my 3 ladies i am posting your parcels on Monday, rain or shine!

here's 'ginger bells!' from the opi holiday 2009 collection. i wasn't really sure on this one in the bottle, it is a bit of a strange colour and i'm still not 100% sure if i like it on me, i think it's a great colour though and i'm definitely holding onto it! i will doesn't actually remind me of ginger - i assume gingerbread, if anything i feel like it should be part of a thanksgiving collection and be called pumpkin pie! or something along those lines. although it's a bit brown for a true pumpkin colour. it's still really cool and unusual...which is rare for OPI so i appreciate the few times they step out of their comfort zone!!! it is sort of an orangey brown with maybe the slightest hint of red all mixed together into one. a fun creme, nice and shiney...definitely like it! although buy it from etailers who do discounts, not like me, i snapped it up in a salon when i saw it but paid full price (ugh!)

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Blogger ANSTAH said...

You know.. I think that color totally suits you. You could konad it and spice it up a bit. =]

12 March 2010 at 23:02  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I got this colour for 75% off at my hair salon! It's a great polish and a colour that people always ask about because it is so unusual.

12 March 2010 at 23:07  
Blogger Skulda said...

You're right, it reminds me of pumpkin pie. It is a very unique colour. I agree with Anstah, I would add a bit of konad, or glitter. :)

12 March 2010 at 23:07  
Blogger Brooke said...

so warm and gingerbread-y! I like it :)

13 March 2010 at 00:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I passed on this one from the holiday collection, but it's definitely a unique color!

13 March 2010 at 00:36  
Blogger erin said...

this is really pretty! i like it! i don't remember this one, i wonder if you get different collections in the uk? (but from the holiday stuff, i only bought the mini merries set)

13 March 2010 at 11:48  
Blogger gildedangel said...

I have this color and I love it!!

14 March 2010 at 07:42  

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