Saturday, 20 March 2010

day two hundred and one, china glaze tempest

okay, i'm super excited about this one! this is called 'Tempest' by China Glaze...i have no idea what collection it is from or when it was released, i got it in a swap and i'm really pleased by it! it hugs the blurple line, it is a blurple and blue and purple all at once depending on which way you see it. sometimes it's blue, sometimes purple or sometimes blurple! it's just really cool. usually polishes are just 'blurples' not a combination! really really pretty, has typical china glaze glass fleck shimmer...a bit sheer so this was 4 thin coats but definitely worth it!

okay, i am not usually one to talk about non nail polish products but in my first Overall Beauty (BB Couture) order the lovely owner, Kim, sent me this lip balm as part of my order (gratis!). i am not really a new product person when it comes to lip balms, my skin is very sensitive and the wrong product makes me break out in a rash all over and around my lips which is unsightly and soooo uncomfortable. but i ran out of my usual lip balm (reve de miel by nuxe) and took a chance on this product and i'm very pleased. it's all natural, no creepy chemicals, just beeswax, shea butter, vitamin e, cocoa butter and almond oil. you can buy it from the mytracystreat website for $3.95. no one asked me to do this review and the company has never heard of me. i just wanted to share a positive product experience! i definitely get annoyed at all the chemicals in lip balms since we intentionally (or unintentionally) consume orally a lot of the chapstick we apply....that's a lot of weird stuff going into your body!

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Blogger ANSTAH said...

OOOO I have this too! Can't wait to try it now!!

20 March 2010 at 20:33  
Blogger Jenny$1983 said...

Ooooh, so pretty :)

20 March 2010 at 21:48  
Blogger TropicalChrome said...

I love this one!

21 March 2010 at 04:22  

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