Monday, 29 March 2010

day two hundred and ten, china glaze 2030

thanks for nobody noticing/pointing out that i accidentally wrote 100 yesterday instead of 200! i've since realised and fixed my error!

okay. more from the china glaze khromes collection...aka the collection that just looks bad on my nails. i have no idea what a good ridge filler base coat might be (i currently use essie billionails and bb couture hard on to try and strengthen my nails as they have a great tendency to of the side effects of swapping your polish every day!) so it just isn't that flattering. i definitely might consider revisiting these if i found a great ridge filler basecoat so i could do something besides stare at the imperfections on my nails! it's like staring at your face in a magnifying can't help but be amazed and disgusted by your pores! (if anyone can suggest a good ridge filler i will happily accept any and all tricks and suggestions!)

anyway, i had a bit of trouble capturing the real colour here (our wondrous week of sunshine and warmth has gone back to grey and back to normal non awesome swatching weather so i alternate between lamps and natural light fiddling around with the settings on my camera to get the best picture possible [once i get a full time job i totally want to save up for a proper camera/light set!]) so imagine it as falling somewhere between these two colours. it's a FANTASTIC konad gold stamping polish (right now...that's the only selling point of this collection to me since it isn't flattering my nails). speaking as someone who bought the actual konad brand gold and silver polish i was pretty annoyed to find out that they're kind of useless if you want the image to show up. enter the khromes collection! it does what the konad polishes do not (this reminds me i should start konad-ing again!) yes. i need to stop before i ramble, it's been an incredibly long day (i just got home!!!)

(but i did pick up 3 different rococo polishes today and hope to swatch them after/during the easter bank holidays! so keep your eyes peeled :D)

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Blogger Jenny$1983 said...

I think it looks nice on you...

I use OPI Ridge Filler, I think it's great: I find it really extends the wear of my polish too.

30 March 2010 at 13:55  
Blogger Lily nail said...

nice color !!

30 March 2010 at 21:25  

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