Wednesday, 24 March 2010

day two hundred and five, china glaze millennium

okay. china glaze millennium from the khrome collection. the best thing about this polish is that it is the perfect konad stamping silver. the bad news is that i don't really like this polish as just polish on my nails. it's a really lovely silver, and it is almost minx-like in its reflectivity...but the finish is atrocious. it's this really delicate metallic and it shows every nail imperfection and is on the brushstroke-y side. you can see the imperfections in my nails (and those weird raised dot things) and it's just not that attractive. i don't really know how to remedy that so i'll just keep this as my stamping polish!

as a plus it does have great opacity. just a bad finish

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Blogger Skulda said...

Maybe a coat of ridge filler for a base coat. That row of bumps looks like a piece of lint or hair could have gotten on your brush.

24 March 2010 at 23:26  
Blogger TropicalChrome said...

I bought this one on clearance, and a good base coat isn't optional! The plain silver is a little blah, but with a coat or two of a silver glitter on top, the bling is amazing.

25 March 2010 at 01:03  
Blogger Jenny$1983 said...

I'm sorry you had trouble with this, so did I. I keep it for stamping too.

25 March 2010 at 02:01  
Blogger PerryPie said...

Or those bumps could be bubbles. Did you shake it before? And I don't like it for a whole mani either. I don't know what it is about it.

25 March 2010 at 03:28  
Blogger ShortAndSweetNails said...

I've only used this for Konading. I guess that's all it's good for.

25 March 2010 at 10:42  
Blogger Jackie S. said...

I really like this polish, I need to see if my Sally's still has it.

26 March 2010 at 21:13  

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