Monday, 22 March 2010

day two hundred and three, ginger and liz put a ring on it

here's another lovely one from ginger + liz called 'put a ring on it'. it's a really gorgeous berry toned hot pink. i'm hiding two fingers in these photos but it has nothing to do with the polish quality and everything to do with me. i had massive chips on two fingers because i went to the gym on my lunch break, took a shower and then waged World War III against my tights because they refused to go on properly (and it was quite the battle!!! my arms were exhausted from exercising, i was overheated and damp from the shower...really not a good combo) and ended up twisting my fingers all about in my tights and pulled off my polish in the process. so basically....i don't think a polish in the world can withstand the rigours i put my fingers through to get my stupid tights back on!!!

so. anyway, i was wearing this colour on my toes for the first two weeks of my new job, i wanted some extra oomph that no one would know about and give me some extra confidence in my new environment (and it totally worked!). i love this colour. you guys know i'm not a pink person but this is more than just hot pink. it's definitely got berry tones to it...the coolest thing about this polish? it's opaque and perfect IN ONE COAT! how many polishes are perfect in one coat!? seriously. ginger and liz do polish like nobody's business. you can tell how much effort they put into creating this colour.


[G+L polishes retail for $12 each - when i made my order i bought...6 or 7 so there are still plenty more colour for me to showcase!]

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Blogger Skulda said...

VERY cool. I'm not much of a pink person either, but hot damn!

22 March 2010 at 22:24  

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