Tuesday, 8 September 2009

day eight, rimmel london funtime fuchsia

okay so here is one of my drugstore nail polish brands. i don't know that i have that many and it's not that much of a conscious decision. some drugstore brands are 100% on par with the 'nicer' brands and cost 1/2 as much. usually it's just that i don't spend a lot of time in drugstores. i'm pretty much an online shopper so i don't go into drugstores unless i already need something.

anyway, rimmel london is a pretty generic brand, i'm not sure if it's available in the united states but i think it is. i don't think this stuff is even made in london haha! but funtime fuchsia is a nice hot pink..but that's all i can really say about it. i am not (nor have i ever been) a pink kinda gal. i like it and i'll wear it occasionally but very rarely will i seek it out and buy it. although i did buy this one intentionally...it looked fun and summery and until now i have NEVER worn it. serves me right for buying bright pink polish!

my nails are a mess (sometimes i clean them immediately after i polish and sometimes i just let them be because the excess polish on my cuticles goes away after a day or so and saves me picking at it or attempting to remove it carefully with polish remover [which always ends up in me somehow screwing up and having to repaint the whole damn nail!])

so, funtime fuchsia! (it is important to note that this polish applied very well and the colour is very rich, definitely a 'nice' drugstore brand and it only costs about £2-3/bottle):

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