Thursday, 29 April 2010

day two hundred and forty one, zoya america

Please note these images are not colour accurate, if you would like to see how this colour actually appears click on this link

okay! please read the little disclaimer i put at the top, i had a TERRIBLE time photographing this polish...which is weird because i had no issue at all when i was comparing it to lippmann. just goes to show how weird my camera can be sometimes! that and i accidentally broke the lamp i usually use for swatching when i can't get the colour to capture accurately (serves me right for leaving it on the floor and piling a bunch of stuff on top of it!). so while i am lamp-less, these photos will  have to make do!

i really like this colour (despite the fact that it is a kissing cousin with lippmann's it's raining men minus a hint of orange!) and it reminds me of 50s pinups (which i adore...i'm a big vintage pulp fan!) and matching lipstick and pumps. definitely a fun, vibrant colour. it's eye catching and sexy but playful too! it's all, "look how attention getting i am, i'm so fierce!" and at the same time it goes, "oh i'm so fun, let's go twist down at the sock hop!"

YES i do indulge in the personification of my nail polish and any other thing i can think's more fun that way!

anyway, enough of my crazy, onto the polish! (as i get better at swatching i'm going to try and introduce watermarks to my photos. thankfully my photos have never been stolen...but i would hate for someone to steal my photos because i work quite hard on my blog!) [PLEASE remember these images went super pink...this is actually a bright red, click on the link at the top if you want to see colour accurate swatches]

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