Sunday, 25 April 2010

day two hundred and thirty seven, zoya casey

this is where i start contradicting myself. but it's just who i am! usually i hate vamps...i don't see the point in wearing a colour that just looks black! zoya "casey" is probably the vampiest vamp colour in vamp-donia. seriously. it's a deep red...i've gotta say, my bottle and application of casey is way darker than i've seen on other blogs. mine is basically a black. the first coat is obviously a purple-red but i went with 3 coats and there's not a hint of this colour to be seen except at the edges. maybe i should've stuck with two? but even so...for some reason...i LOVE this vamp! there's just something sinful about wearing a colour and having it seem so dark and mysterious. i can't even describe it. it's incredibly dark and i it. i don't know why! this is for your alter ego. it's bad girl polish! haha!

i must admit, i feel SUPER spoiled by all the sunshine we've had the last week in London. it makes me feel like a proper nail blogger to take sunshine swatches!!!

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Blogger jaljen said...

I bought this and it doesn't look as juicy and red IRL as it does on the blogs. I wanted what I'd seen but it turns out too blackish for me. Not a fan. I'd love the creation that some bloggers manage to produce and I have far better vamp polishes.
This is too close to black to be interesting.

25 April 2010 at 15:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Casey is my vampie love.

25 April 2010 at 16:05  

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