Tuesday, 24 November 2009

day eighty two, lippmann collection dark side of the moon

you guys know i love lippmann collection...but i find it hard to appreciate a vamp. and dark side of the moon is a picture perfect definition of vamp. it's an extremely dark burgundy and it looks black except maybe in bright sunlight (which i don't have access to...at least not today...no sun here!). you can see in the edges of the bottle and around the base of my cuticles that it is actually maroon in colour...but it just looks black. i WANT to like these kind of vamps...it's one thing for a polish to appear black from far away but shows something completely different up close...but it isn't the case here.

if you like vamps...this is definitely worth the money. lippmann polishes are fantastic in quality and inherent shine. but this is far from a favourite.

it's important to note that lippmann isn't a polish that can be applied repeatedly in thick coats (like i could do yesterday with bermuda breakaway) so you can see the residual effect on my fingers from the acrylic glue

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