Wednesday, 9 September 2009

day nine, nailtini grappa

okay, running out of brands here. only got maybe 5-8 left? today we have the brand nailtini. i'll admit i'd never heard of them until i was at the only polish etailer i know of that ships another brand to the UK. so i saw them listed and then looked at their website to check out the colours. i've never heard anyone speak of them but they're definitely fun and have a good colour range. the NICE thing about this brand is that you can buy 'miniature' sizes which are 25flOZ/7mL and is still plenty of polish to last you. the normal/big size 15mL are okay (more ££) but they bother me because the 'bottle' shaped bottle has a super long wand with the bristles attached and it bugs me to have such a LOOOONNNNG way from the handle to the bristles.

um...there are lots more to this brand than i've mentioned - thye have their own range of mixable colours and top coats that do different things (hi-gloss, sparkly...etc). but i haven't done that much research into them. if i recall correctly (iirc) they are about $10-$14/bottle. so about average for most mid-range brands.

nailtini grappa is a wonderful purple creme. it's just a nice medium's really the only straight purple creme of all my polishes but it is far from rare in the polish world! the bottle is super cute though. but you can imagine how long the wand/stem is, it starts from the black cap and extends to almost the bottom of the bottle. very long!

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