Thursday, 24 September 2009

day twenty four, savina marine life

okay. savina is another brand that was recently gifted to me. i've never heard of them and i can't tell you where to get them! what i can tell about the application. this is probably the weirdest applying polish i've ever come across. it applies normally but it dries SUPER thin and it also dries mostly matte. so there's no 'wetlook' within seconds. so it's nice because it dries super fast...but i need like 8 coats to get to completely opacity. which wasn't that big of a deal because it dried so was just REALLY weird. i've never seen a polish dry so thin, especially when it doesn't seem to be thin in the bottle!

this colour, marine life is driving me NUTS. i cannot capture it!!! it just looks blue. but it is really a blue green teal kinda colour. so...imagine these are blue green teal. i know they just look blue...this colour is out to get me! i also did not apply a topcoat. i'm interested to see what the wear time is like on this polish (well..all 24 hours that i wear it!)

i think it's also worth noting that the bottle is basically an exact copy of the china glaze bottle. but i don't really know what the significance is...

(i tried to hold the camera far away and use the flash...but it still looked blue)

(playing with Konad can't really see it but there are little hearts)

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