Tuesday, 22 September 2009

day twentytwo, diamond cosmetics chainmail charm

so thanks to my lovely friend tori i have a whole slew of new brands to show off (and i forgot OPI before so i wasn't actually done when i thought i was!)

today we have diamond cosmetics....a very cheap (approx $2/bottle) drugstore brand that i had never heard of until another blogger showed some on her blog. i don't know if they are at every drugstore...but they certainly don't exist in the UK! chainmail charm is exactly the in your face holographic primsatic shimmer i wanted but didn't get from colour club 'worth the risque'. this stuff is amazing! great formula, amaaaazing colour! proof that you don't always have to pay top dollar for an excellent product!

i think this is my favourite kind of holographic/prismatic polishes, a glitter/shimmer on a black base:

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Blogger artbysarada said...

Chainmail Charm is one of the best names for a polish I've heard in awhile! Looks lovely too!

24 September 2009 at 02:40  

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