Saturday, 12 September 2009

day twelve, fing'r edge fake nails

so fing'r edge are a fake nail brand from the US and they do 'alternative' fake nails instead of the boring standard french manicure. this is a french manicure pattern but with black and white checks on the tip. fun and cute...good way to do a fake nail without being bored to tears by the simplicity.

they do all different kinds like french manicures with black tips instead of white, pink argyle tips...very fun. they can be bought in drugstores i *think* internationally. i know i can buy them at boots/superdrug. they aren't that expensive, about £5 for a pack of twenty nails. the only complaint i have is that the nail bit (not the tip) is a milky white colour and it doesn't look natural with the nail, it stands out quite strongly. but i have found that if you use pink nail glue underneath it helps make them look more natural. they only come in a 'short' length but if you have tiny nails like me...the short is HUGE. i know some bloggers find these nails to be wonderful but hard to use beacuse the length is so short...but i have very short nail beds so on me they are on the long side! they come with white nail glue or sticker tabs for single day wear. i haven't tried the tabs yet, i usually stick them on with glue. but they are a pain in the ASS to remove with the glue. so i'd probably say go for the sticker tabs unless you want to wear them for 7+ days and deal with soaking your fingers in acetone to get them to dissolve!

(ps - picture quality will improve rapidly now that i got my digi cam!)

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