Saturday, 19 September 2009

day nineteen, sally hansen insta-dri jumpin jade

okay, more brands! sally hansen is a drugstore brand of nail polish that have been around for ages. insta-dri is i think one of the newer ranges. it comes in a variety of colours and the one i picked for today is 'jumpin jade' a great dark green shimmer. the weird thing about these polishes is the's a triangle with pretty thick, flat bristles. it's designed to cover your whole nails in one swipe. i haven't got the hang of it really so it's a bit messy when i try to do it (which is pretty obvious in the pictures below!). as for the 'insta-dri' claim...i have no idea. i don't ever just leave my polish without a topcoat and i don't attempt to touch it until after the topcoat is long dry since i don't want to leave big fingerprint smudges in wet polish! but it's a great colour, a nice cheapish readily available line.

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