Sunday, 13 September 2009

day thirteen, revlon iced silver

okay. so i will readily admit that i know NOTHING about revlon besides that it is a drugstore brand i grew up with. this is the only revlon polish i own as it isn't available in the UK and i am only about 14 months into my lacquer addiction! so. yes. 'iced silver' is a colour that i/my mum bought because it went well with my senior prom outfit (so...2002!) and it's still going strong as a polish. so go revolon for long lasting cheap polish? i have no idea how much this cost esp since it wouldn't matter as i bought it 7 years ago and the cost would be relative. but's a nice frosty whitey silver colour. it takes a lot of coats to get to the opacity i require from all polishes (remember...under my fingernails are dirt magnets!!!) but it's a nice colour. it doesn't wow me but it doesn't repulse me. i know i'll keep it in my collection but i don't know that it will get worn for another seven years :D

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