Sunday, 18 October 2009

day forty eight, nailtini champagne

so this is my favourite nailtini polish, champagne. it's a golden....frosty/metallic/shimmer? i don't even know if that's possible but i love this colour with my skintone. it's warm but not garish. the only issue i have with this polish is that it is (a) very delicate or (b) i am too rough to wear it. somehow i ALWAYS manage to ding it up almost instantly. but i still love it and wear it for interviews or whenever i want a subtle hint of colour in a non-distracting way. it has a faint shimmer that you can see when it catches the's just a soft, beautiful colour and way more interesting than a dull watery pink! this is the mini-nailtini bottles, i find them much easier to work with than the full sized because the polish wand is a normal length, not extra long like on the full sized bottles.

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