Tuesday, 13 October 2009

day forty three, opi ds extravagance

the opi designer series is quite possibly one of my favourite OPI collections. i mean yes the stuff they bring out throughout the year is lovely...but the designer series just tops everything. it's enhanced with 'diamond dust' to give it an extra sparkle. this is true prismatic polish goodness and it is my gold standard when comparing any holographic/prismatic polish. they all have to stand up to the OPI designer series (ds). extravangace is probably my favourite DS polish, it's a reddish purpley base with huge bunches of microglitter thrown throughout to create this beautiful polish that catches the light and takes my breath away. i'm definitely guilty of owning more polishes than i know what to do with but extravagance is a polish i always come back to and reapply. it's just a must have for every collection. i've only got 5 ds polishes but eventually i will show them all! i know this is an incredibly messy application but it was worth showing immediately. i know it looks like it could be a bumpy polish with all that glitter packed in but it is 100% smooth and removes easily -- this is microglitter/shimmer (okay...i know there's probably a more technical word to describe exactly what it is but i don't know it so just bear with me!) not normal chunky glitter.

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