Saturday, 3 October 2009

day thirty three, china glaze flying dragon

okay. this is what i am going to call...epic nail polish disappointment. i saw flying dragon swatched on another nail blog and i was stunned. speechless. amazed! it was a beautiful purple base with all this microglitter spread throughout and it reflected beautifully in the picture. so obviously i was ecstatic when tori (aka nail polish fairy of the gods) found it and gave it to me. looking at the bottle it seemed SO promising! positively bursting with shimmer. then i put it on and it was kinda weird but still i could see the shimmer strongly. it dried matte (whihc was really weird and unexpected) so i put on the typical 3 coats and then some topcoat. but the topcoat seemed ot be absorbed by the matte nature of this polish so i put on another layer of topcoat a few hours later to achieve desired wetlook appearance. and this is where it all goes wrong. if i stare at my nail upclose i can see all the microglitter and it looks amazing. but it DOESN'T CATCH THE LIGHT! it just looks like a plain purple creme. which i guess is okay since it is a beautiful colour but there was not even a hint of the amazing rich sparkle i saw in the bottle. i honestly don't know what to do about this polish. also it is important to note that even though the glitter seemed incredibly fine -- almost prismatic in nature (and it applied completely smooth...none of the traditional glitter bumpy polish pre topcoat) but when i removed it there was a clear glitter base to this polish that annoyed me to no end (as always) when removing. so i just don't know. maybe i got a bad batch? maybe this colour is one that looks great in the bottle but doesn't deliver on the nail? either way i'm heartbroken!!!!

i tried to show the glitter in the polish, there is one or two where you can see that it is really hard to notice on the nail...or i tried to demonstrate it

(ps - did i really forget to include china glaze in my brands!? oops!)

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Blogger Brooke said...

gorgeous!! another one I should add to my wishlist :)

23 November 2009 at 00:00  

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