Monday, 28 September 2009

day twenty eight, nubar wildlife

so, nobody does a duochrome like nubar. they are the kings, queens, masters and mistresses of this. they recently released a collection of 6 green (green!!!!!! so exciting) polishes called the 'going green' collection and this is one of them, 'wildlife'. it is a beautiful golden/green duo. it is slightly reminiscent of yesterday's yellow green colour and the gold is this wonderful antiquey colour with a warmth and subtlety...oh it's just beautiful. nubar are so smart at creating duochromes with colours that complement each other (although i can only imagine how AWFUL it would be if the colours didn't work well together) but they just bring each other out. it is great to see flashes of green or flashes of gold depending on the light and how your fingers are in that moment. it is a great twist on a more conservative colour.

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