Saturday, 26 September 2009

day twenty six, icing roger that

here is another frustrating colour..well it's teh same as before. blue-green-teal. IMPOSSIBLE TO CAPTURE! it just looks blue i swear it isn't blue. it reminds me a bit of the ocean. icing is a brand by accessories store claires. from what i've read icing polishes cost $4.50/each but tend to have a buy 2nd polish 1/2 off deals...all the time. i've never looked in a claire's UK to see if they have icing...but i'm pretty sure they don't!! roger that is another shimmery, sparkly blue-green-teal. unlike yesterday's OPI la boheme the sparkles ( no difficult removals!) are more silvery (whereas la boheme's are red and a bit of orange..which makes the red of the base polish glow because the sparkle reflections are the same colour). it is wonderful to capture these shimmer/glitter/sparkle polishes in the sunlight because it looks like they are covered in diamonds. and the teal colour is so unlike any other...i don't have any other teal shimmers!

i can't believe this has been going for almost a month and that i have this many different polish brands! 1 more to go and then it's a free for all where you see whatever i feel like wearing! i am gobsmacked that anyone even bothers to read this! i am a huge nail blog reader and the people who write them...they're like my nail polish heroes so i never expected anyone to read my dinky posts and thoughts. so thank you to anyone who's reading, i feel so important!

on with the pictures:

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