Wednesday, 25 November 2009

day eighty three, zoya richelle

so here is a conundrum. i love zoya..LOVE. i also love this polish...i just...don't like it on me. i find a lot of these gold polishes (including champagne from nailtini) to be incredibly delicate and for someone who tends to abuse their hands a bit (anything from typing to just...i don't know. sitting or something. i can sit still and somehow manage to smudge my nails) it is just not as friendly of a combination. also this polish shows EVERY flaw in my nails, it didn't react well to the fading glue remnants..and it was important to put on more than 1 coat but each additional coat somehow just...wasn't working with the one below it. i WANT to like this looks amazing on other people...but i always have problems with the application that keep me from actually enjoying it.

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