Tuesday, 20 October 2009

day fifty, barry m cyan blue

oh man i can't believe we're at fifty days! it certainly doesn't feel like it! although i have been going through nail polish remover pretty quickly! here's another great one from british drugstore brand barry m. great application, huge variety of colours and only £2/bottle usually. this is a lovely bright blue..i guess like a toucan blue? it feels very summer/spring...easter and tropical flowers and birds. definitely a fun change from the grey overcast weather we've had lately. makes it really tough to get accurate polish pictures!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

where can i get this? my 3 year old is named cyan, is locw to have a polish with his name!

4 November 2009 at 21:40  
Blogger SEH said...

you can buy it from Superdrug or maybe on ebay if you aren't in the UK?

4 November 2009 at 21:43  

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