Monday, 19 October 2009

day forty nine, orly mirror mirror

so here we have orly 'mirror mirror' from one of their most recent collections (more of whihc i'll show in due course!). it's a lovely light grey creme. i suppose you can call it dove grey? that seems to be a popular shade even though i'll admit i don't understand what it means...unless because doves are white it is a whiter shade of grey?? who knows! it is called mirror mirror (part of a whole enchanted/fairytale theme) and it is a lovely polish. eventually someday i'll do comparison swatches of the various shades of grey (and red and purple and blue...etc!) to show some possible dupes or how shades vary! but that's for another time....i do like the orly rubber handle, makes for easy gripping!

this is only my 2nd or 3rd orly polish i've applied but i've had wonderful application with all of them...

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