Saturday, 10 April 2010

day two hundred and twenty two, essie starry starry night

alright. this is where i get exposed for being a bad nail polish addict. starry starry night is basically...the essie to end all essie's in most people's opinion. it's a gorgeous dark blue jelly with silver glitter and it does look like a night sky. this polish really is lovely and will fetch around $70 on ebay (isn't that awful!? death to all scalpers!)...but i have to admit...i LIKE my starry starry night...but i don't go bonkers for it. i don't know why. i love it in swatch form on other people's nails...just on my own nails it never seems as awesome! maybe my expectations are too high? i honestly don't know! it is definitely a polish everyone should wear at least once!! i can't bring myself to ever part with this polish because i am hoping that someday i'll put it on and it will be the love i've been waiting for!

and yes...major MAJOR nail break for me :(. huge break on my left hand and then i had a polish chip on my right hand and a piece of my nail went with it! so i'm back to nubbins and i bought a new topcoat (from nfu-oh, it's supposed be amazing!) and i am anxiously awaiting it's arrival to see if it will bring my fingers back to shape!

onto the pictures!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just checked on ebay because i'm really loving this color, and yep. ... there's only one right now and the bid is over $70. crazy!! that's all i can say. looks like i'm going to have to skip this one. :(

11 April 2010 at 19:34  
Blogger Lucy said...

Such a beautiful shade of deep blue. Wish I had one. Look fantastic on you. I also understand about expectations. I'll never buy this on ebay so it looks like I'll never own it.

14 April 2010 at 18:10  

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