Friday 14 May 2010

day two hundred and fifty six, bourjois carbon black

i must admit i discovered this polish after hearing about it from helen of nice things! it's a bourjois polish (their black eyeliner is my favourite!) and it's a really cool sparkly black with a green flash. the only problem was i tried desperately to capture the green flash and failed miserably...but i promise you, it exists!!

i found the brush to be kind of strange...they made it so it would be a 1 coat brush but i definitely needed 3 coats for full opacity. i took pictures of the brush to show's not as odd as the rimmel brush but still worth mentioning!

i do like that the bourjois bottles are the colour of the polish inside...i mean it would be very easy to decide which bourjois polish to wear if you just had to go by the colour of the bottle!!! this is the only bourjois polish i've ever tried, their shades just weren't really worth owning because they were middling price was (~£5) and the shades weren't that unique. i am quite pleased with this one though!!

one thing that really irks me with this brand is that the polish names don't appear on the bottle, just the number. you have to go searching to find the proper name! so if you want to buy this one, look for number 24!

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Blogger jaljen said...

I never pay full price for them. Don't go to shops. Use an etailer. I never pay more than £2. The Bourjois So Laque range is superb. Bleu Violet. Beige Glamour.

15 May 2010 at 09:38  
Blogger Sara Elizabeth said...

Awesome, what etailer do you use?

15 May 2010 at 09:53  
Blogger jaljen said...

Cosmetic-kingdom has Bourjois for £1.99. Not the latest shades but hey! Service is fast.
Blush cosmetics has Bourjois for £2.99.
Both sites have plenty of polishes. Some are not recommended and others are household names.

15 May 2010 at 15:20  

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