Saturday, 24 October 2009

day fifty four, opi (suede) lincoln part after dark suede

so this is from the new opi suede collection. it's actually a collection of classic colours done in a 'suede' matte finish. i wasn't that impressed with the matte finish (plus it shortens the wear time) and these are SO GORGEOUS with topcoat that i just wore them that way. well...wore this one. it's the only suede i have at the moment. the original lincoln park after dark is a 'vampy' burgundy that mostly just looks black. the suede version STUNNING. it is this light purple with silver all over and it looks textured even though it is flat. working with mattes is tricky because they dry very quickly. this is my first experience with mattes and it was a bit tough to get an even application because it dries soooo fast. but this colour with a topcoat is just so special and different. i love it and definitely want to acquire the whole suede collection. the most exciting matte i've seen!

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