Sunday, 31 January 2010

day one hundred and forty nine, butter london british racing green

okay so this is the other butter london polish i acquired on the same day i bought henley regatta. british racing green...what a fab colour. it's green with green shimmer..but it's a bit more blue toned than the nubar going green colours so you can justify both (or i can)! i definitely like that the big rectangle tops on butter london polishes are removable and you just have a small cap to deal with. my hands were shaking really bad when i put this on so the mani is probably the messiest one i've had in ages so apologies for that!

it truly is a great colour green belongs on jaguars...gogeous!

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Saturday, 30 January 2010

day one hundred and forty eight, china glaze sexagon

alright. seriously. someone needs to confiscate my cards and wipe their numbers from my brain and computer. i've made 3 separate polish orders in about a week. but i'm so excited to continue bringing you new brands and new colours by my favourite brands. but i will say that 2 are completely new brands (and haven't actually been around that long...i can't WAIT!)

but onto today...china glaze, sexagon. the kalediscope collection is what got me into china glaze to begin with, and just LOOK! can you BLAME ME!? this silver holographic polish is bright and rainbow reflective like the opi designer series but the shimmer is 100% different (which is why you can justify owning all of both :D). sexagon is like wearing a disco ball on each finger, it's very reflective and eye catching.

i WILL say that this is about 5 thin coats. it needs to be built to this level of opacity. there's nothing wrong with how it looks after 3 coats...but i don't like being able to see my natural nail underneath my polish so i did 5 coats. BUT it doesn't look thick or goopy on your finger (nor is it in application). totally worth the extra 2 coats and the drying time is lickety split, it's really fast so you don't even notice that you put on 5 coats because it dries so fast.

isn't it AMAZING!?

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Friday, 29 January 2010

day one hundred and forty seven, opi designer series reserve

okay. here is an interesting and gorgeous designer series polish from opi called reserve. it's sort of a coppery/peach almost flesh colour but the diamond dust signature of all DS polishes makes it ridiculously intriguing, beautiful and exciting!!! i'm completely enamoured with it, it also makes another good demure yet fantastic manicure for people who might shy away from neon green with purple polka dot fingers (haha). this beauty was gifted to me by a friend and i'm so glad she chose it because i probably would've never picked it for myself but now that it is on...i adore it. it's just really different!!

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

day one hundred and forty six, nubar iris dust opi movin' out

okay people this was suppoed to be an image heavy post but blogger aren't cooperating! nubar iris dust is another fantastic duochrome from the smarties at nubar, its a purple/orange duochrome and the effect is magnificent. i had an interview today so i wanted something subtle and decided to try a new shade (well...i've had this for a couple years i just haven't worn it yet) for my interview instead of going with a trusted fav (any of the ones i've mentioned!). i originally planned on just painting opi "movin' out" (after the AMAZING billy joel song...i think!) but it is a clear jelly with pink microglitter suspended throughout...because of the clear base i couldn't leave it on my nails alone since you could see how stained and yellow my nails are through the polish so i put on 3 layers of nubar iris dust followed by 1 more layer of movin out to give it some extra shimmer. the cool thing about movin out is that because it is a clear base it allows the microglitter to reflect whatever colour the nubar polish is reflecting. i thought it was really awesome and so i took a video just to demonstrate how much i loved the sparkle!! it definitely reminds me of one of the new CND effect polishes (the opi).

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

day one hundred and forty five, jessica glamorous gladiator

another new brand! i love new brand posts. this is another company that isn't that new to me, just a new acquisition. jessica glamorous gladiator is a really pretty warm brown with small scattered gold flakes. it's not big flakes like nfu.oh or opi's merry midnight, these are pretty small but definitely noticeable as little accents on the nail. this polish definitely glows in the sunlight, beautiful!

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

day one hundred and forty four, piggy polish mermaid

new brand alert! this is another brand i never got around to purchasing and a good friend recently sent me two bottles of piggy polish. this is an interesting one called mermaid. it's kind of a sheer frost with a bit of an iridescence to it. this is about 6 coats and i don't think it can get any more opaque. it's still a little too sheer for my personal taste but it's really pretty and completely different from everything i own. it's kind of milky...if that makes sense. it's really soft and flattering, just catches the light really pleasantly. definitely good for demure nails with a fun twist.

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Monday, 25 January 2010

day one hundred and forty three, lippmann collection makin whoopee

okay you guys know i'm not a very pink kinda gal but this pink...i make an exception for!!! who else but deborah lippmann could create a pink that kicks ass and is sexy and badass and feminine all at the same time. she truly is a genius and that is why i will gladly keep spending money on her polishes for as long as they exist! i need to make an order soon, i'm coming to the end of my stash!!! i've shown you all 10 colours (including this one) and i've only got about...4 or 5 left!

anyway, makin whoopee (just the name makes me giggle) is a gorgeous pink that isn't neon but it's not a soft baby wimpy pink either. it's vivid with a great pearlescent (is that a word??) finish. i topped it off with 2 different nail stickers gifted to me by the great folks at nailene (i might not wear their fake nails [even though i appreciate them] but i have a blast with their nail stickers, so thank you nailene!). the thumb sticker makes me think of hawaii...oh how i'd love to visit hawaii (i went on a family trip when i was 4 and i don't really remember it!), sunny, sandy's still cold and grey in London!

hopefully this happy colour will brighten both our Mondays.

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Sunday, 24 January 2010

day one hundred and forty two, diamond cosmetics hue are you

here is another one to continue my OBSESSION with diamond cosmetics. isn't it pretty!?!?? it's a red/bronze with a strong gold shimmer/glow effect called 'hue are you?'. STUNNING. AMAZING. just sooo pretty. it's a nice way to have a red but turn it bronze and make it bold and feminine and attractive and i adore it!! the shimmer is super obvious (which pleases me) and i just really like it. what's not to like about a polish that costs $2!?

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