Tuesday, 12 January 2010

day one hundred and thirty, rescue beauty lounge teal

okay. this is 'teal' by rescue beauty lounge and like all RBL cremes...it's fantastic and only needs 1 coat for perfect opacity. i love all the colours that ji baek creates, they're so unique. this is definitely not my idea of teal...i always thought of it as bright and very green and this is dark and much more blue. really unique and pretty. it was hard to get the green to show up (truthfully...it seems more blue than green!) and there isn't really a lot of sunlight in london at the moment. it seems bright but then it isn't really the right KIND of light for accurately capturing colours. i don't think i've ever come across a RBL that i haven't liked or found really original!

oh and i put a konad on my thumb with my purple sparkly konad polish!

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