Friday, 18 September 2009

day eighteen, butter london london underground

okay. i don't know about anyone else but i can't believe i have over 18 different brands of nail polish (and we aren't even done yet with brands!!). this is as much an experiment for me as it is for anyone reading. i know i said i hate pink and 99% of the time i do but i sometimes make exceptions. butter london are a confusing brand. apparently they are a british but practically unavailable in the UK so i am thinking the 'london' bit is a myth.

however they do have fun and cute polish names. london underground is a true pink fuchsia (unlike rimmel's funtime fuchsia which i compared below which has stronger purple tones). i find butter london polishes to dry a bit matte on the nail instead of shiny so in order to get a 'wet look' shiny nail i am completely reliant on a good topcoat to provide that effect. this is a fun, cute pink colour and reminds me of rainbows and cupcakes (okay...sarcastic but in very few areas am i girly girl and pink has NEVER been my forte!). it reminds me of summer...something that seems to be fleeing far and fast from grey chilly london! it's definitely bright...but not neon bright. application was great, sometimes with 3-free polishes they can be problematic: either too thick or too thin/watery and i tend to use 3 coats with all polishes and these were completely opaque in 2. i just put a 3rd coat on for good measure.

i turned the flash on when comparing the two bottles to try and show that the butter london polish is much pinker in base than the rimmel (which leans purple)

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