Thursday, 17 September 2009

day seventeen, creative nail design (cnd) nfs

okay. today we are continuing with new brands and venturing into 'vamp(y)' territory! creative nail design is an interesting brand to talk about. they recently (in the last 12 months) discontinued all their old colours and started again. or totally redid their 'core' collection. it was weird and to be honest ('tbh') i don't really remember that much about it. i bought this colour 'nfs' from a UK beauty etailer ( and i thought it was going ot be a really cool navy/royal blue since that was what the colour swatch showed on the website. but when i got it i was disappointed because it was a seriously vampy colour. vamp means that a colour is very dark and almost black in most lighting. some people LOVE vampy colours. i try to like them but in the end i always get annoyed that the colour nail polish looks black 99% of the time when it actually isn't.

i took a lot of pictures with the flash so you could actually see the blue.

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