Wednesday, 16 September 2009

day sixteen, essie wrapped in rubies

essie are another long running US polish brand founded by essie weingarten many years ago (if you want a real bio go look it up!). they have hundreds...possibly close to thousands of colours. while essie are known for their 'softer' shades (pinks, whites, girly soft colours...bleh) they do have some stunning colours. not really one for risque colours most essie colours are beautiful and complex in ordinary ways (no outlandish colours or most major corporations nail brands can and do play it safe!). essie wrapped in rubies is a beautiful darker red with gold throughout. it's not maroon or burgundy, maybe it could be considered wine but significantly lightened? i really need to brush up on my colour descriptors! the good and bad thing: it looks NOTHING like the polish in the bottle...and i really like the colour in the bottle. but thankfully i also like the way it looks on my nails as well!

i know my polish pictures aren't the cuticles are ALL torn up and it's tough to get the polish completely off the cuticles without inadvertently removing the polish but i'm slowly getting better (i hope!)

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Blogger BunnyMasseuse said...

Sweet! I got this discounted at a local hair 'tailer and have yet to try it.. but I hope it looks as good on mine as it does on you!


18 September 2009 at 16:29  

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