Monday, 26 October 2009

day fifty six, creative nail design cuppa joe

so before i begin today's post i'll answer something that was recently asked of me...which was how many bottles of nail polish i have...the real answer is i have no idea. i have at least 200 bottles and i've acquired way more since that was my last count. i tend to acquire polish in batches of 30-40 every few months instead of one or two at a time. these 56 have barely made a dent...especially since i just bought a whole batch in the early weeks of this month!

this is one of my new ones, creative nail design 'cuppa joe'. the old CND polishes are being phased out so they can be acquired pretty cheaply on the internet (i personally use now this is a great polish and i totally messed up my manicure and these pictures don't do the colour justice. this is one of my first truly brown polishes. i admit the colour has never had any appeal...i could wrap my mind around almost every colour in the rainbow except brown. but colours like cuppa joe and the upcoming nubar chocolate truffle collection (6 brown polishes) that brown is finally growing on me.

cuppa joe is a lovely multi-tonal brown shimmer. i don't know that it really reminds me of coffee per se...but it's a beautiful colour. a nice warm brown that has a strong shimmer, mellow and inviting!

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