Friday, 27 November 2009

day eighty five, orly pixie dust

here's another from the orly enchanted ....something collection. enchanted forest or enchanted tales or...something. i can't remember. it is a really nice grey glitter. the glitter is very fine...but it's actual glitter that means removeal is a bit of a pain.

in the bright light it looks really light but in doesn't reallllllllllllly look like this so i tried to show some more up close pictures. it's got a beautiful glitter...definitely like fairy dust! but...despite how much i liked the glitter i wasn't really as in love with this as i wanted to be. it's definitely a nice polish...just not an AMAZING one. i would've liked a different colour or better glitter for the pixie dust. like some sort of rainbow glitter or something more exciting.

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