Thursday, 26 November 2009

day eighty four, rescue beauty lounge chinoise

one thing rescue beauty lounge do tremendously well is cremes. the application is always flawless, extreme pigmentation and a depth of colour often not found elsewhere. this is one of their many shades of red...i think i have 3 or 4 polishes with only the slightest variation in colour but it makes all the difference and they are each standouts.

unfortunately this ended up looking a little truth is a very bright red, not pink at all!! i swear i thought these pictures looked more red on the camera itself!

i have also stuck on some stickers given to me by the lovely people at nailene. i don't really know what to do with nail? every nail? i just kinda guessed and put them on all except my thumb at all different positions on my finger. i will say that taking off the stickers is a bit more annoying than putting them on! still not quite sure how 'me' they are (maybe if they were skulls and graves instead of flowers??)...but i'm happy to try them out.

happy thanksgiving to all my american readers! as an american living in london thanksgiving is the holiday i miss the most! my mum is a fantastic cook.

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