Tuesday, 15 September 2009

day fifteen, orly country club khaki

orly (ya rly!? i can't resist!) are another nail brand with a huge range of colours...also pretty nonexistent in the UK. when i was in a posh ohio neighbourhood in the states in february they had orly at the drugstores. but i don't remember ever seeing orly in my los angeles drug stores but it is possible. but anyway you can get them online! this is the first time we will delve into my neutral/taupe/mushroom/flesh colour range that i LOVE. for the most part there haven't been too many 'strange' colours so far but they're coming! so this colour is called country club khaki and was part of the prepster collection. fantastic application and pigmentation/opacity. i only own 2 orly polishes right now but eventually i hope to own many more!!!

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