Saturday, 7 November 2009

day sixty six, nubar earth

alright so before i get started on describing what's picture below i wanted to say something about realistically owning hundreds of bottles of nail polish. when you own hundreds of bottles of nail polish and acquire them in bunches of 20-40 at a time (and acquire them pretty regularly) you don't closely examine what you are given. when i purchased and received the nubar going green set i took it out of its packaging, photographed it, put it on a shelf and promptly forgot about it. the package i was received was disappointing. one of the polishes hadn't been closed properly and it was half empty. i've been a big nubar fan but this gutted me. i was so excited to receive this polish set and after i received them and one was damaged...i set them aside. i needed time to recover from the disappointment (might sound silly but it's true). a simple question is why didn't i just ring up customer services and return it...and the answer is that nubar don't ship outside the US (or at the UK) so i had them sent to a friend in america and then sent to me. and it's a long process to get polish from the states so i really didn't want to go through the hassle of returning the bottles to the states.

when i opened and photographed 'going green' i noticed that two polishes looked eerily similar but one of them was the leaky bottle so i didn't really examine it closely and set these polishes aside. i posted one image, wildlife back in september but i haven't examined them since. so i went to get a bottle and i realised i had 2 identical bottles of polish instead of the final polish in the collection. i was sad because i wanted this collection so desperately and here was another thign that went wrong. so i did what any normal person would do, i contacted nubar customer services and they were AMAZING about it. i know it's hard to tell if someone is telling the truth especially after not contacting them about the order until NOVEMBER (from august!) but they believed that i was being honest (which i was!) and are replacing my absent bottle free of charge.

i am not, in ANY WAY affiliated with nubar. they don't know me from the average person they pass on the street. they don't send me polishes to try and they don't read my blog (or at least...i don't think they do!!!). but this is a big shoutout to nubar. i was sad and disappointed with them and they rectified the situation so fast. they are so amazing and i will definitely continue buying directly from nubar so they get all the profits instead of buying on ebay or anywhere else (if possible!). i am just so happy that everything is resolved quickly and so simply. so, THANK YOU NUBAR! i am so appreciative. if anyone has ever wondered if nubar polish was worth their is. it's awesome. i'm an even bigger fan than i was before.

which leads me to today's awesome polish. it's called Earth and is from the going green collection. it is a beautiful blue-green shimmer (don't forget that anything that doesn't have chunks of glitter that take forever to remove gets classified as a shimmer in my book). i don't know that earth was a great name...i might've called it Ocean instead because it is a true blue-green. it isn't like the yellow-greens i've shown before. and it is jam packed with shimmer. it is beautiful. it isn't gaudy and it isn't controversial (like navy or bright green can be). it is elegant and gorgeous. so take a look!

(sorry for such a long post but i usually have moderate company interactions. not great, not awful and i wanted to share with you how this company went out of the way for a total nobody like me!)

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Blogger Sarie said...

Hi, you can get Nubar in the UK online via Tiffany Nail Supply and with free delivery. Just discovered them today!

8 November 2009 at 20:24  
Blogger SEH said...

hi sarie! that's definitely true. i tend to buy from US etailers because they are cheaper on the whole (8ty8, head2toe, transdesign...) i've yet to find a UK polish etailer that will sell bottles for approx £1.50-£3/bottle!

9 November 2009 at 00:29  

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