Wednesday, 28 October 2009

day fifty eight, lippmann collection rehab

alright. first i have to say how ridiculously excited i am that there are more people following this blog...since i don't really consider myself to be a blogger or a nail blogger. i'm just a girl who loves nail polish a ridiculous amount. i don't even consider myself to be even remotely peer level to the nail bloggers i read daily and worship at the altar of ( got to join up with RBL and create your own polish. i'm not even a blip on that radar:D). so hi people, this is all very exciting!

someone asked me if changing my polish everyday negatively impacts the quality of my nails. and that's a totally valid question and my answer is no. or...not yet? before i started this i changed my polish every 2-3 days anyway so doing it every day hasn't seemed to make much of a difference on my nails. i've never been very good with long nails (the length they are now is long for me and testing my patience...i have very short nail beds and i type using the tips of my fingers so i'm constantly hitting the nail and it is a bit painful!), years of playing piano and violin...i always had to have short nails. plus i inevitably manage to do something to my nails and make one peel in some way or another. so this is about as long as they get and then i make them quite short again. because i have short nails i guess my nail quality hasn't been impacted much? they seem the same to me. i can say however, that my nails are ridiculously ugly and yellow without polish! using polish has 'cured' my nailbiting (although if i take the polish off i start to nibble's disgusting, i picked up the habit in my 20s! i NEVER did it as a child!!!) and made my nails stronger overall.

no one has asked me this but i'll tell you i pick what to wear. i have a lot of different brands and i try to showcase them as fairly as possible so you all can have a different variety of colour and brand over the course of the blog or just a few days. and also...whatever suits my mood or personality or thoughts of the day! sometimes i just wanna wear red even if i did yesterday so i will just do so! i do worry sometimes that i show you way too much shimmer...but i LOVE shimmer in polishes and happen to have a shedload. so yes! onto the regular post!

i whined earlier in the blog about the application of lippmann collection polishes saying that no matter what i did i always seemed to pull at the polish around my cuticles and have uneven application with bald spots all around my cuticles. no more i say! i finally figured it out. really i'm just a moron! i am an incredibly impatient person so i never waited for the coats to dry in between and i used thinner coats at first and it really made a difference. i had to take my time applying rehab but it reminded me of why i have so many of these ridiculously expensive($15+) bottles of this brand. there is one picture in here where my nails haven't been cleaned (since i am still learning not to paint my whole finger and then just remove until it's only on my nail!) because i wanted to show how insanely glossy these polishes are without a topcoat. it's really not needed. i just like topcoats because they seal the polish and quick-dry ones make my life easier because i inevitably mess them up somehow.

rehab is a stunning navy glossy creme. i was worried that it would look black but thankfully the weather was in my favour and i only saw blue. it is a dark...vampy blue. definitely navy and not bright ceylon blue. but i am really pleased with it and it has definitely restored my love for lippmann!!

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