Sunday, 1 November 2009

day sixty two, rescue beauty lounge mismas

this is the first time i will ever (and probably the only time!) say this...but this polish is completley opaque in 1 coat. this is only 1 coat!! i've never had that happen before, i'm absolutely gobsmacked. annoyingly enough i could not get this colour captured accurately without turning the flash on. it's a real true purple creme that is extremely pigmented. this is the 2nd of the 3 blogger polishes created by rescue beauty lounge and 3 different bloggers. the first one, scrangie was created with blogger scrangie. this was created with the founder/author of all lacquered up called michelle mismas. hence...the title mismas! i really like this colour in general...but i just wasn't really feeling it once i put it on my nails. i guess i'm just not feeling very purple right now? i have a LOT of purples and i'm a bit purpled-out at the moment. so maybe a purple break is in order!!

the non-flash pictures are completely inaccurate. if you want to know the colour refer to the flashed out photos!

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