Saturday, 31 October 2009

day sixty one, barielle shades outgreygeous

usually i post pictures where i'm holding the bottle but i had issues today...i finished painting my nails and then lost the bottle for about 4 hours. way to go sara! but i found it in the end. this is a nice grey steel colour from the all lacquered up collection by barielle and has a bit of a shimmer that i couldn't really capture. also i am not pleased with this photo set because i got into a bit of a zen-zone when painting and ended up putting on like 6 coats unintentionally. so i had way too much polish on my nails and kind of drowned the colour in an unattractive way. so i'm kind of disappointed with my pictures because they aren't doing this grey justice. it looks darker here and less interesting but with a normal amount of coats (2-3) it looks like a lovely piece of shiney steel. not dull and dark like it seems on my photos.

the name does make me chuckle's quite cute. outgreygeous...nice little play on words

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