Tuesday, 1 December 2009

day eighty nine, lippmann collection bitches brew

happy december everyone! i can't believe 2009 is nearly over. truthfully 2009 has been a bit of a lame year for me so i am looking forward to 2010!

today i am wearing the AMAZING bitches brew by the lippmann collection. deborah lippmann is a nail genius and a jazz diva...so of course i love that she named this colour after the ground-breaking miles davis album, 'bitches brew' (which i own and love!).

it's a deep red with some mild shimmer...truly stunning. another one i was sad to take off. i tried really hard to capture the shimmer...i'm not sure if i succeeded but even without it..it's still fantastic. it isn't vampy (meaning black looking) and it is elegant and reminds me of black tie and opera (very 'Moonstruck' if you ever saw it!). just...amazing. i can't think of a polish from lippmann that i don't adore! they're expensive but worth it.

also i'm hiding my middle finger because it decided to repel all nail polish. i chipped it slightly in my sleep (how!?!?!?) and then even more when taking a shower (again...how!?). so...yes. it was an evil finger so i didn't want to show the chips. i just have a way of chipping my polish no matter what so don't take me as a guidance for polish chipipng time

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Blogger Lucy said...

Gorgeous color on you. I've chipped polish in my sleep also. How the heck doe that happen?

5 December 2009 at 17:15  

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