Sunday, 29 November 2009

day eighty seven, sparitual stiletto

here's another from sparitual. i still adore the bottle handles...but some of the images i saw of this colour (not swatches but colour whirls to demonstrate the colour) were WAY off base. i thought i was getting in for a deep dark red...and instead i got a more...pinkish red. i was hoping for another 'blackened' type colour (think zoya blair) because i just looooove how it looks. rather dark on the sides and full colour blast in the centre.

been on a bit of a red kick lately and i definitely prefer chinoise over this colour for my cherry reds. this is more pink whereas the RBL chinoise was a true true red. i tried to show some of teh subtle shimmer on here...but as usual...i failed! i've emailed a few other nail bloggers to ask how they bring out teh shimmer in all their images. though sometimes they bring out shimmer i never saw. so in that respect i like my pictures because they are very true...not full sunshine or flashed out (unless i'm trying to show something) what you see is what you get. and i think that helps in some with color club. beautiful images from others...but in my non-bright sunshine life (pouring rain all day in london today!) i don't always get that so. yes, enough of my ramble!

i definitely prefer can you digg it? over this one. i have...2 (?) more sparituals in my collection so we'll get to those eventually! i have some different things coming up, and hopefully a way to make this blog more interactive...or....something!

thank you for reading, 40 people...WOW!

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Blogger LisaLove said...

keep them coming! really like the idea with a new polish every day!

29 November 2009 at 21:45  

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