Sunday, 28 February 2010

day one hundred and seventy six, misa dying love

a moment of silence...we have reached the end of my misa collection! soooo sad! :( i'll definitely buy more...just not right now! i've done super well on my no polish purchase february that i am going to try and extend it into march, my 'to be swatched' pile is huge (well it never goes down because i keep buying more polish)! i've even participated in my first two swaps ever, so i'll have some new polish to show that i only spend cost of shipping on. exciting!

anyway, onto misa! 'dying love' is another one of those pretty gunmetal shimmery silver/grey colours. i feel like i need a break from these kinds of colours as i'm getting a bit 'meh' about them. they all seem to be the same! but like all misa polishes, fantastic application and opacity...i definitely will have to make a list of more misa to acquire!

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Saturday, 27 February 2010

day one hundred and seventy five, lippmann collection wicked game

quite possible the COOLEST POLISH EVER! wicked game by deborah lippmann/lippmann collection is named after the sultry chris isaak song (and the amaaaaazing video by herb ritts with helena christensen) and is possibly one of the most interesting polishes...EVER. it's a silvery purple that is also green at the same time. it's a duochrome but it's more complex than that. i managed to get one shot with the lighting perfect and it looks like green on one nail and purple on the other..but it's the SAME POLISH!

god it's SO COOL. i love it!!!

and of course....

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Friday, 26 February 2010

day one hundred and seventy four, china glaze octa gone wild

okay this is one of the few times you will ever see a stock picture of the bottle...and only because i realised after i took and uploaded pictures that the funky london sun (that actually is appearing on and off) totally washed out these pictures. so it was great for capturing the prismatic effect but totally terrible for accurately displaying the colour! (and i was too lazy to take a picture of the bottle and upload it)

octa gone wild is another from the ridiculously amazing china glaze kaleidescope collection (i think it's the only china glaze collection i ever bought in full) and like the rest, has a gorgeous rainbow shimmer effect. you can really see the rainbow in these photos but trust me, the colour is just like it is in the bottle! you can't trust london's like white light...but sun? i don't know. but i do looooove this colour/collection

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

day one hundred and seventy three, zoya indigo

here's another goodie from the 2008 zoya downtown collection, indigo. a realllllly pretty dark blue. you can see this really awesome multicolour glitter that is visible in the bottle that is basically nonexistent on the nail. that's my only gripe with this polish, otherwise it's so lovely. i do feel like saying that while it is a pretty colour...without the multicolour glitter appearing on the nail and only in the bottle it does not stand out much from other dark blue cremes. so...very nice but...not original.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

day one hundred and seventy two, lippmann collection marquee moon

okay, i've been DYING to show you some of new lippmann haul but i don't like to show the same brand two days in a row, i want to show a variety of brands and be fair and let everyone get their turn.

this polish, marquee moon has shot to the top of my favourites list, i can't stop staring at it. it's AMAZING. it is a very shiny, bright silver polish with silver octagonal flat discs mixed in. the whole point of this is to have perfectly imperfect nails. you aren't supposed to have the same number of octagons on every nail, there isn't supposed to be any discernible pattern on your fingers. this silver is SO bright, it captures the light's like the shiniest, polished piece of silver you've ever seen and the silver octagons add such an interesting concept to this polish, i can't get enough of it. also a plus for me is that it is wearing like IRON, no chips or anything and i've been doing dishes, cleaning...using my hands all day today and it's still perfect. i don't want to take it off, i love it!!!

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

day one hundred and seventy one, misa love bite

hmm. here's a vamp from misa called 'love bite'. it's nice....very dark....i don't really have much to say about this. all these vamp cremes are kind of identical. nice formula, nice application....yep!

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Monday, 22 February 2010

day one hundred and seventy, zoya colbie

chrome and blogger aren't mixing so well...which is annoying!

anyway...zoya colbie. i must admit that it can't hold a candle to my blair. i love zoya blair. this is like...blair's cousin. blair and colbie are both from the 2008 pulse collection. colbie is more maroon where blair is a true blackened red. the cool thing about this photoshoot is that some of the shots make it look all velvety on my nails! zoya pulse is probably one of my favourite zoya collections of all time...spectacular. colbie and blair were some of the first blackened reds i ever saw and they're just unbelievable. and still incredibly current 2 years later!

excuse my atrocious cuticles!

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

day one hundred and sixty nine, lippmann collection just walk away renee

dare i say it...vamps are starting to grow on me!? it's weird but true!!! just walk away renee was created by deborah lippmann in collaboration with renee zellweger. it's a really gorgeous bordeaux, a deep dark red that is very 'come hither' in my opinion. it's like a power nails are my power ties, my power panties...they're just fierce and empowering!!! i guess i am beginning to enjoy vamps as long as they aren't just almost black colours that you can't even tell are NOT black unless in direct sunlight. london isn't known for it's sunny i can't usually give you sunlight swatches and say what these will look like outside. however, i can tell you what they look like indoors under different lighting conditions (be it under a lamp because i need more light to capture an image) or under halogen lights in my bathroom or under normal, plain lights in my bedroom!

this one is a winner. i want to go on a date with it...she's so mysterious and dangerous!

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okay...between everyone there were a total of 218 entries, that is HUGE!!!

i let do the choosing so it would be fair.

here is the result for first place:

cucumpear! congratulations!!!

and for 2nd place....

Jennifer, congratulations!!!!!

and for 3rd place.....

polish junkie, congratulations!!!

thank you to EVERYONE who entered and is following, you are all amazing. i need a job first...but once i get one i hope to host another giveaway, it's so much fun!


Saturday, 20 February 2010

day one hundred and sixty eight, rgb buff

today is the LAST DAY TO ENTER giveaway where you can win TEN bottles of nail polish!!! (winner is announced in tomorrow's post)

RGB cosmetics are a new brand, i only heard about them 5ish months ago, their polishes are only available in the USA, i don't know if they are stocked in stores but you can buy from their website or other etailers (i personally used a site called...blackbird...or bluebird, i can't recall, because the rgb site was sold out of one colour i wanted to try) and they cost $14 each for .40oz/12mL. they are big 3 free

this is a tough one because there are some really good and really bad things about this polish...i'll start with the good!

the goods: i loved the colour, not quite a perfect mannequin hands shade but a really cool milky, ecru kind of colour. think cafe au lait (which is 1/2 coffee, 1/2 steamed milk..thank you starbucks for teaching me the ins and outs of coffee even thought you were lame employers in the UK) type colour. just orignal, unique...totally getting lots of points on innovative colours! i also liked the application, the consistency of the polish was really nice. the bottle lid is very short so you can have a lot of control over how you are applying the polish

the bads: opacity. this is probably a polish that is meant to be sheer and worn sheer...but you guys know I HATE THAT. so i was determined to get to full opacity...but it took me about 12 coats. the only good thing is that it didn't look like 12 coats. i wish there was a way to increase opacity in a finished polish!!!! also...i was using THICK coats to try and improve opacity...but it didn't help. it is important to say that i was waiting between coats for it to dry (well, about a minute or two) between coats and even so...all the layers made it incredibly hard to handle, tough to dry and incredibly delicate. i was trying to remove nail polish from around my cuticles and the nail polish sort of tore off. it didn't kind of fell away because it never completely hardened and dried despite an effective quick-dry topcoat AND quick-dry drops.

all in all...i don't know. i really love the colour but i hate the effort it took to achieve. i have 5 or 6 other RGB polishes to try and none of them are this tricky type of colour, they were meant to be opaque and hopefully they will be!

lacquerized is having an H&M polish giveaway!!!

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